I saw a clip of Williamstowne on our local PBS arts cable channel, and it was absolutely riveting. Normally, I just surf right through but this held my attention all the way. The visual and audio quality of this work is of highest fidelity.
— A. Bledsoe, Wisconsin


I am writing in regards to your film; Williamstowne, a ballet without dance. My husband and I was so intrigued with the subject matter, we watched it over and over again. It’s beautifully written, directed, etc. and the star of the film Deni Delory is a wonderful performer & so pretty.
J Reynolds, Florida


I just viewed Williamstowne on PBS’s Classic Arts Showcase. It is clear that the film is a wonderful artistic creation.
J. Jablonski NJ


What can I say but I truly loved Williamstowne. Your movie touched me in so many parts of my heart and soul which I had lost touch with. Thank you for this accomplishment. I can’t remember when I have been so touched by a movie. I cried and was so moved by the acting ability. I admire that the cast and crew accomplished this vision and touched me with it’s creativity and beauty.
K. Cruce – California

Beautiful, beautiful ballet. I cried all night. (Please withhold name)

This movie deserves an Academy award. You are a creative genius. I hope you share the award with the incredible music.
(name withheld)


I was absolutely broken to pieces by Williamstowne. I am very fond of Vaughan Williams and “Lark Ascending” in the first place.
P. Tay California

I just saw Williamstowne. I am so intrigued and jealous that you had the fortitude to move forward with this concept. What a dream fulfilled to tell a story to the wonderfully stirring music of Ralph Vaughan Williams.
Incredible story! K. Rugg


What a beautifully done piece of work. Congratulations on the immense success. The film is a triumph of passion and technical proficiency.
G. Cisto, Tennessee
_________________________________________________________ Loved Williamstowne, absolutely adored it! A buddy of mine loaned it to me and I was wondering if there were plans to release it on DVD. I would love to know more about this brilliant gem.
B. Logan


Just printed out the order form and will be ordering your work. We just caught an excerpt on PBS and look forward to watching the entire 90 minute production. We are huge fans of Vaughan Williams and want to thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of work. It is so wonderful to have artists like yourself use film in such a redemptive way. Keep up the good and beautiful work.
G. Goodeve – Washington


Just saw Williamstowne and just had to write a quick note to say how much I liked the film. I truly appreciated it! It was a wonderful story with an important reminder of the beauty of love. So very emotional.
Thank You! – Ron

I would like to say thank you for having made “Williamstowne” with Ralph Vaughan Williams music so potently in mind. Again, thank you very much for “Williamstowne”. It is a film I will view many more times, and have watched it three times already.
M. Haddan, Santa Barbara

I received Williamstowne today and put it in my machine. What happened to me is impossible to adequately describe in mere words. I have never been moved so profoundly by anything. The film had me reduced to a sobbing mass with soul fully open. You are some kind of a genius. What you have done is not exactly “commercial” but truly revolutionary. It is unparalleled, no other film like it. Life is so precious. The people we love so special and dear. This story told to the mystical music of Ralph Vaughan Williams. I still find it hard to talk about it.
Thank you so much. R. Stover

I just watched Williamstowne. I lost a life partner a few years ago—I like to think he is still with me at times. The “Lark Ascending” was a favorite of ours. It really moved me. Thanks very much for making this film.
D. Morey

Thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail. I’ve seen Williamstowne and was nothing short of blown away at its ability to convey the heart of so many life’s experiences without words and all in 90 minutes. I am writing because this film affected me so much, but this could not be so without such a gripping performance by Deni Delory. L. Pastor

I must say this work of art you have created is extremely fine. When I experienced it late one night my soul was completely elevated. Williamstowne has the most exquisitely beautiful music that I have ever heard and cannot wait to share it with my family and friends. Thank you for having the strength of vision and standards of excellence to produce something as singularly outstanding as Williamstowne.
Robert P.