Sarah McConaghy lost her life in the spring of “1850”. Each year her spirit returns for one day to visit all the people she loved in the seaport village of Williamstowne. The people can’t see her, only sometimes feel her presence. Sarah can’t touch them, her touch is death. All those that loved her know Sarah is trapped between two worlds and her spirit cannot rest.

This is hard on her husband Jack, who loved her dearly. He can’t move on with his life or even grieve properly because he feels her presence. It is also difficult for Sarah who can’t really be with Jack or comfort her aging parents. The town’s people try to will Sarah to a lasting peace. But Sarah’s passion for living is so great, she tries to will herself back to life to be with them all just once more.

An additional story unfolds throughout. Rebecca is a 17 year old girl born to wealth and privilege. She has fallen in love with the young shipcarver, Tom, who is poor and not of her station. Although different, we see Rebecca blossom with all the same fire and passion for life that Sarah has.