“Richard Horian’s ambitious period film matches the soaring, romantic music of British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams to an exquisite tale of the supernatural. — A “Ballet Without Dance’, Horian has done a superb job of matching mood, movement and storytelling to Vaughan Williams’ music in a way that is at once natural and graceful.”

Kevin Thomas – Los Angeles Times

“Horian’s great personal passion for the film is tangible, and for that, and the picture’s overall elegance, it is to be admired.”

Hazel-Dawn Dumpert – LA Weekly

“Williamstowne eloquently elevates and dignifies the spirit through the genuinely mystical telling of a story that touches us as universal, comforting, and rejuvenating, bearing us emotionally nearer not only to one another but also even to loved ones absent. First rate! I highly recommend it.”

John Santana – KKGO Classical Music Radio

“Williamstowne marries cinematography and soundtrack in a way that has rarely been experienced by mainstream audiences — made in the tradition of highly romanticized films such as “Wuthering Heights”. This is the kind of date-night movie that will lead naturally to a latte and conversation afterward.”

Bob McCarthy – Daily News

“Using Vaughan Williams’ bristling and resplendent musical works — Horian has painstakingly constructed a drama around these full bodied compositions. — we applaud Horian for his taste in music and his perfectionism in getting this opus to fit in the required time signature and frame.”

Duane Byrge – The Hollywood Reporter

“And for a film with such dreamlike qualities — Horian has privileged the music over all else.”

Lael Lowenstein – Variety

“A big surprise to see a film with a new way of communicating in the universal language of music. A very emotional and surprising film. I loved it!”

Gui De Mulder – Canal Plus, France